Can all Baby Alive eat food?

A: No, they do not. There are a variety of Baby Alive dolls and they have varying features. The My Baby All Gone eats, drinks, and potties. There are other, less expensive Baby Alives, though, that do not eat and drink.

Which Baby Alive can eat?

Baby Alive happy hungry baby loves to eat! Pick out baby’s food and mix it with water to make doll food that looks like the real thing! After you’ve mixed up her food, put on baby’s bib and sit her at her feeding tray. When you give baby her spoon, she opens wide and really eats her doll food!

Can Baby Alive eat food?

Do not feed your Baby Alive doll with real baby food because this will make your doll smell bad. Also, it might attract insects and small creatures. Some Baby Alive dolls are not designed to eat food, and, rather, are only supposed to drink. Feed those dolls only liquids.

Can all Baby Alive eat solid food?

Included reusable solid doll food is intended for use ONLY with Baby Alive dolls that take solid doll food.”

Why is Baby Alive not eating?

If your Baby Alive doll is in the “TRY ME” mode, the mouth sensor will not activate. Please check the switch on the doll’s back and turn it to the “ON” position. … If the sensor does not appear to be working, press the spoon or bottle down onto her lower mouth to initiate feeding.

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Does Baby Alive get moldy?

Make sure to use the Baby Alive brand ‘food’ and wash the doll with water after use. The ‘food’ is not prone to mold. … We do this a couple of times or until the water coming out is very clean.

Can you feed a baby born doll?

NOTE: BABY born® can drink about 2/3 of the bottle. Feeding Water: Important Information: Do not leave the doll in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Never put the food packet mixture into the bottle, as it may pour into a tank inside the doll that is not intended for food.

How do Baby Alive dolls work?

After feeding and rocking the doll as a newborn, kids can remove her swaddle and watch her kick her feet out to transform into the baby stage. … Kids can use the bib to feed their baby with the pretend food pouch, and she reacts to the food and playtime with typical baby noises and blabber.

How do you reset a Baby Alive doll?

The doll is reset by using the switch on her neck. The switch should be set to “Mommy” or “Daddy” mode on the right when on. To reset the doll, push the switch all the way to off. I usually remove the big girl accessories and lay the doll down face up at this point so that the legs can retract.