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April 4, 2011

The Baron of Beef’s Monday Mixtape

Everything from Kraftwerk to Nena to Neu! to David Hasselhoff and everything in between, it’s The Baron of Beef Von Espy’s favorite jamz from the motherland. Let these tunes kick off your week the richtig way.

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  1. Kraftverk is classic…my random playlist seems to like this song more than their others as well. I didn’t know they had a sweet video. Thanks Baron of Beef!!

  2. I am the real life BaronOfBeef, and at first was enraged to see an imposter using my moniker (and monicle) however, upon listening to your tunes, admiring your impressive tache and realising that I could, if I choose, knock the stuffing out of you, I will allow you to continue using this very impresive title, however I would ask that you re-locate and apply your standard issue Baron Top hat, (given to all Barons upon their first birthday) This should assist in avoiding any future doubt as to your regality. Carry on. BaronOfBeef