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April 8, 2011

Animation Friday: Le Royaume

Le Royaume

Again, the Gobelins crew comes out with some great animation (our last Animation Friday featured another Gobelins graduate). It is the arty-er, European version of Cal Arts—just cranking out the industry standards. If you are feeling particularly nerdy, and want some behind the scene’s peeks, you can visit the blog of Sébastien Hary for sketches and mock-ups of the production.

We here at the Blobby Farm have a particular affinity for anything featuring an arrow through the head.

“Le Royaume” (The king and the Beaver), Student graduating film 2010 at Gobelins, L’école de l’image

Written, directed and animated by Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Oussama Bouachéria, Julien Chheng, Sébastien Hary, Aymeric Kevin, Ulysse Malassagne & Franck Monier.
Music by Mathieu Alvado.

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