This contest closed December 17, 2010. Keep your eyes peeled for future contests.

Blobby Farm 2010 Giveaway Contest!

Blobby Farm is giving away a package of 3 handmade plush, original drawings, bookmarks, magnets, greeting cards, and whatever else we can fit in the box (valued at $250). You only need to be 18 or older, live in the U.S. (sorry, rest of the world), and have a web presence (blog, Twitter, website, etc.).

How can I win?

To enter, simply link to from your blog/website/Twitter account/website etc. As people click through your link, you will be entered to win. You may use the links provided below, or make your own. You may enter once for each site you have. For example, you may enter three times if you post a link on your blog, Twitter account, and and personal website. Each site is only counted once. So, if you tweet a link to twice from the same account (although we appreciate the love) you are only entered once.

How is the winner selected?

Once all links are registered on December 17, 2010, the Blobby Farmers will select one winner at random using a random number generator, a small child grabbing a name from a hat, or the Baron of Beef reading his tea leaves. Winners are not selected based upon the amount of traffic sent to The little guys have as much of a chance as the internet big wigs.

Once a winner is chosen from the rabble, we will make every effort to contact him/her from his/her site. If contact is not reciprocated within 24 hours then we’ll move on to selecting a new winner and the first person is out of luck.

I have thousands of minions who frequent my site and I can wield my almighty clout in your favor. Surely that accounts for something.

Thanks for the sentiment, but please be gentle. Although the traffic will be much appreciated, the denizens of the Independent Commonwealth of Newbraska are in favor of a true democracy rather than one that is controlled by those who have more perceived money or power.

Will you let me know that my link has been registered?

Nope. Just set up your link, click on it at least once and cross your fingers. We have it on good authority that crossing your legs and eyes also works, but keep the eye crossing to a minimum. We also have it on good authority that your eyes will stick that way.

Who is eligible to win?

Anyone in the United States who is 18 years or older.

What if I buy some Blobby Farm merchandise before the contest is over?

If you purchased Blobby Farm merchandise between November 22 and December 17, 2010, then we will refund your money up to the amount of the prize and throw in a little something else to boot! So, you may as well purchase what you want now instead of waiting for the Blobby Farmers to determine your prize for you.

Can I link to you on Facebook?

You may, and we would appreciate it, but we can’t track those links since Facebook is a closed system. Sorry.

Alright, how do we do this then?

There are a few different options that you can use to post a link on your site(s). Select what works best for you or make your own. Some selections are in the sidebar to your right.