What are Blobbies?

Blobbies are… well, they’re… Blobbies. They just are what they are. They are your friends.

Blobby Farm products are made by hand in Cleveland, OH. They are art objects and not intended for children under the age of 13.

That’s the legal line.

Thanks to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act legislation that relegates the making of children’s toys to larger companies that can afford the stringent and costly testing, artists such as ourselves cannot make toys for children without facing the strong possibility of legal action or law suits. So, our products are art objects and not intented for children under the age of 13.

That’s our rant. For additional information, see Are Blobbies Baby-Safe? below.

Where Did Blobbies Come From?

Once upon a time, Maria was invited to a baby shower and she wanted to give a gift that no one else would duplicate. Luckily, she has a husband who stays awake in meetings by drawing pictures. One of these pictures, combined with two remnants from the fabric store, turned into the first Blobby: a blue-body and striped-pants wide-mouthed friend for the yet-to-be-born baby. Since then, a vast collection of fleece, felt, terry, faux fur, and other soft fabrics has built up in Maria’s sewing room, and more and more of Chris’s drawings have gone 3-D and full color.

Blobby Farm ran at full steam from 2003 until 2006 when Chris and Maria took a break to focus on other projects and the birth of their son. Four years later, Blobby Farm has risen from the ashes with a new look, new ambitions and a whole new set of fun.

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Made By Hand

All plush is made by hand in limited runs. Once an edition of plush sells out, that’s it. New editions of plush characters can be made, but colors and materials may change.

Why buy handmade? The answer is simple, you will be supporting independent artists, not a CEO’s summer home in the Hamptons. You will be lending support for someone who actually cares what an item looks like, how it is used, and how it is made, on a case-by-case basis.

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We accept money orders, digital checks, and credit cards. If you would like to use a digital check or credit card, you may do so through Paypal. Paypal is completely secure (for
more information, please visit their security information page). Paypal will automatically determine tax (5.5% in the state of Ohio only) and shipping.

If you’d rather pay with a money order, email listing the items you want. We will put them on hold for you and email you an invoice with a total including shipping. Your
items will be mailed once the money order has arrived.

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Shipping & Handling

Items will usually be sent out within 3 days of receipt of payment.
You will receive an email once they go to the post office. We ship using USPS Priority Mail and first class mail. Shipping is calculated according to your total purchase (excluding Ohio sales tax where applicable). See the following chart for shipping within the US:

Total Purchase USPS Shipping/Handling
$00.01 – $8.00 $1.00 (First Class Mail)
$8.01 – $14.00 $2.00 (First Class Mail)
$14.01 – $40.00 $5.50 (Priority)
$40.01 – $69.99 $6.50 (Priority)
$70.00 and up $9.00 (Priority)

These prices only reflect shipping within the U.S. and its territories. For shipping outside of the U.S., please email us for a quote. Just to forewarn you, it can be expensive.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email . We will usually respond within 48 hours.

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Privacy Policy

We use Google Groups to manage our mailing list. To sign up, just use the option in the left hand column. Blobby Farm does not sell, lend, or show our email list to any third parties. you may read Google’s privacy policy to learn more about how Google Groups handles your information.

We also keep our customer records confidential. To see how PayPal handles your information, please visit the PayPal privacy policy.

From time to time, we will send notices about exciting new products, developments, promotions, contests, and events using the Blobby Farm mailing list. Should you ever grow tired of hearing from us, simply click here and select “Unsubscribe.” There is also a similar link at the bottom of each email. It’s that easy!

New items can always be viewed online as you like and news aggregators can help you stay abreast of any surge of new items. If you have no idea what RSS, Newsfeeds, or news aggregators are, then you need to do a little research and catch up with the rest of the 21st century.

You may also follow us on Twitter and become a fan of Blobby Farm on Facebook.

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Where Can I Buy Blobbies?

Here. At this point we are not selling Blobbies elsewhere—either online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

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Store Owners

If you own a shop or have an online boutique and would like to carry Blobby Farm merchandise, feel free to email . We’ll need to know:

  1. What type of business you have
  2. Business name
  3. Contact name
  4. Daytime phone number
  5. Mailing Address
  6. What commission you take
  7. Which Blobbies you are interested in and the quantity you would like to start with

Once we receive your information we’ll contact you to discuss how we can work together. We really appreciate your interest in our work and are always looking for new venues to send some Blobby emissaries. Viva los Blobbies!

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Are Blobbies Baby-Safe?

The legal answer to that is “Blobbies are not recommended for children under the age of 13” (we have to cover our tushies here). Blobbies are hand-made art toys, not mass-manufactured consumables. Mattel™ we ain’t. Blobbies have not been submitted to the Code of Federal Regulations, 16 CFR Sections 1500.50 testing. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following be taken into consideration when selecting a toy for a child:

  1. Think LARGE when it comes to choosing toys.
  2. Avoid toys that shoot small objects into the air.
  3. Avoid toys that make loud or shrill noises.
  4. Look for sturdy toy construction.
  5. Make sure it is machine washable.
  6. Watch out for sharp points or edges.
  7. Avoid toxic items and materials.

We can say that Blobbies are large; they don’t shoot small objects into the air; they make no noise at all (unless you feed them beans or Taco Bell); they are sturdily constructed and have no buttons or eyes that can be bitten off; they are predominantly machine washable*; they have no sharp points or edges; they are not made of toxic materials (to the best of our knowledge); and we, personally, feel safe giving them to our tiny nieces and nephews.

Now if all that talk of regulations, laws, and testing didn’t ruin all your fun, go buy a Blobby!

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Care for Handmade Work

All work is done by hand in our home studio. We recommend washing Blobbies and by hand, although many Blobbies may be fine in a washer on the gentle cycle in a lingerie bag. Fleece Blobbies will wash easier than faux fur Blobbies. Lay flat to dry. For laundry tips on getting out the toughest stains. Email with any questions.

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